5 THINGS: I Learned Being a Boy Mom

” I always wanted boys. “

When I first found out I was pregnant with my oldest, (who I refer to as my “good kid” the one Mother Nature gave me first to trick me into thinking I knew what I was doing, and have more..) I knew I wanted a boy. I am not even sure why, but I wanted to be a “Boy Mom!” Fast forward a few years, and I had another boy. Fast forward a few more years… and, this is what I’ve learned being a Boy Mom….

1. Boys are Simple:

When my oldest was younger, I was that crazy mom about what he was wearing, how he looked (clean at all times or I’d have to fix it) Always, Polo’s and cute shorts with white shoes. Now, at almost 10… all he wants is basketball shorts, and tee shirts. Everywhere, for any occasion… god forbid I buy him a nice button up shirt for any reason, he looks at me as if I have betrayed him! Not to mention , who cares if it matches. His only concern is comfort! He’s simple and it makes him happy, and it makes me happy to save my energy on that battle.

2.Boys are Fearless:

And, by fearless I mean they have zero concept of pain… My Sour-Patch kid has a favorite new game I like to call, The Death Jump! See, this fun new game is where he likes to take our coffee table, and move it as far as he can from the couch, so he just bearily makes it with his biggest jump! Yeah! It’s loads of fun to watch I don’t panic at all… Don’t worry, if the jumps “too easy” we just move the table farther away until he gets that adrenaline rush he’s looking for. He’s not in this alone, his brother likes to cheer him on and help because, you’re not doing it right if you haven’t reached maximum danger level.

3.Boys are Gross:

The boys rooms, are the only bedrooms upstairs in our home. This floor is called the “Danger Zone: Enter at own risk!” Sometimes, if you’re lucky you might be able to see some of the floor in one of the rooms.. I mean if you look really, really hard. But, not only do they not care, they see no problem with this. I walked into my sons room the other day, and I just stood at the door…(I wasn’t wearing my hazmat suit, I wasn’t going inside) And, he looked at me and said “what?”

Umm… Huh? What do you mean, what?! Saying a bomb went off is down playing the situation! But, after a ten minute talk, some tears, a little yelling, a handful of threats.. the room got cleaned. It was only till he got up the next day, but I find hope in small places for my own sanity sometimes. Boys, will just live this way, and not blink!

4.Boys are emotional Roller Coasters:

Now, I thought this was reserved for girls. Nope! I was wrong! This is a Boy thing too. My oldest has the worlds biggest heart, it’s also accompanied with the worlds smartest mouth! One minute it’s hugs, and I love yous, then we’re eye rolling with maximum attitude, while saying something that makes you want to :throw down with a child. Meanwhile, the other one just went from a full laughing spell to a grade A temper tantrum because, the Lego house fell over.

5.Boys are a Wonderful Gift:

Yes! They’re messy, emotional,simple, and fearless… But, boys are Fun!! And, they love their mommas like no other. Being a Boy Mom is awesome journey. I can’t really put into words the Mother-Son Love that’s just naturally there. The love a little boy has for his momma is something you can’t replace! They’re tough, and so adventurous, and those qualities lead to so many fun memory making times with them.

I have learned a lot, and grew even more (mostly with patience) being a Boy Mom. And, even if some days I ask myself, “just what would I make if I sold them on the black market?” And, though I know my house will NEVER be truly clean again, while the boys are here… I wouldn’t trade being their mom for anything, I wouldn’t trade being a Boy Mom for all the Starbucks in the world..

Plus, I have my payback plans already in the works… when girls start coming around, and I have all these gross embarrassing boy moments to share…. And, Their senior ads are going to be epic!


With Love and Coffee, Becca Ann

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