And, That’s Okay!

“It wasn’t the Perfect Day….& that’s Okay!”

You know those nights you go to sleep thinking about all the “big plans” you have for the next day? This was me this weekend “tomorrow we’re gonna get up, have a big family breakfast, day in the park, big dinner, then family movie night” I had the whole day planned out! Sounds good huh? Yeah, and if it ever actually happens I’ll be sure you let you know! This weekend it was not the way I planed …

I went to bed last night so defeated, feeling like a bad mom. Feeling like I had failed my kids, like I wasn’t providing them with what they needed…. As I reflected on the day, I thought about all that went wrong. I re-played every detail. (Because as women we over think everything- but don’t tell my husband I ever admitted that!) But, then I realized, Yes! It might not have been a day filled with super “perfect” fun moments from beginning to end, but it WAS a day of growth for our family!

To start, it wasn’t a good day for my oldest! There was moments of talking back, not listening, fighting with his brother, and sadly more just bad behavior. That one is full of attitude lately! (No one told me there was mood swings in boys, I was not prepared for this!) But, we got a chance to really sit and talk about it all, and I was reminded of the giant heart that boy has! And, before bed he apologized to everyone!! It was a growth moment for him, and that’s a “perfect” day!

Also, it was a rough day for my husband and I.(Of course, it’s because I’m always right and he just doesn’t see that!) And, contrary to what people pretend of social media, or elsewhere… this marriage thing isn’t always easy. It takes work some days! It takes lots, and lots, and some days lots more patience. But, we where able to sit and talk, and truly listen to one another. It was a growth moment for our relationship, and that’s a “perfect” day!

At one point, all three of the kids spent three hours (and that is basically a life time with three kids) playing a game, with no bickering, fighting, or tantrums! That was a growth moment for my kids, and that’s a “perfect“ day!!

After, re-playing all this through my head I realized that what my family needed the most today, was a perfect day of growth. So, no we didn’t make it to the park, or have movie night, there was definitely no big meal, instead it was breakfast for dinner. But, there WAS growth, there was bonding moments, and there was moments full of love! Not every day will go as planed. There will be days that are tougher than others. There will be days full of crying, and screaming. DON’T beat yourself up on those days… There will always be time to be the mom in yoga pants chasing kids around the park like a mad man, or telling the kids to share the popcorn for the 75th time during movie night. But there may not always be growth days!

………And, that’s okay!!!


With Love and Coffee, Becca Ann

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