Husbands.. Can I Sell One?

Let’s talk Husbands, because I know I can’t be alone in this:

I mean I KNOW I’m not the only one who daily wonders if they’re going to be the Star of the next episode of Snapped!

I love my husband, and I mean a whole lot… But, sometimes I think he’s here to test my patience. And, I ask myself

“Is he even in the same house as me?”

My husband works hard, everyday for our family… it’s when he comes home we have a problem… This man is like a snake he just starts shedding. Shirt on couch, pants on floor…and dirty, smelly socks anywhere! Because, Yes! I did clean this house today, for you to place your dirty clothes everywhere. But, after continued nagging, and complaining, we found a new spot for our dirty socks… on the back porch, in a pile that will build to incredible heights until I finally find some gloves and get them.

This was the best solution to not leaving them on the floor?

This is why I ask “does he even live here?”

That tall basket in the bathroom, housing all other dirty laundry wouldn’t do?

Maybe, he doesn’t know it’s there… I mean he’s seen it, I’m sure of it! But, yet somehow none of his dirty clothes make it in it. We share everything in our lives… Maybe, this is where we’re drawing the line.

Maybe one day he will find his way to the bathroom to place the dirty clothes, where dirty clothes go, and on his way by the sink he’ll notice all his face hair, and clean that up too!! HA! I did say maybe… But, I don’t dare bring that up on the regular. See, I like a well shaved man, and I am most certain that the man solution to that would to only be to stop shaving…and I am not about to have to go to bed next to big foot!


I could go on, and on…..and on about the things he does to drive me crazy! All of what I am sure most of us women can relate too, and endure daily. And, to be fair I could ask him about the things I do that equally make him crazy, (don’t worry I have no desire to actually do so, just said I could.) and I’m sure he’d have a list! (Small and probably inaccurate, but a list!)

I give him a hard time, often. But with those annoying, aggravating moments, the truth is: No-One else is going to go get me Ice Cream at 11: PM just because I want it, and we don’t have any. Or text me in the middle of the day, just to say “I love you!” And, I am most positive that no one else could look at me in old clothes, when I haven’t brushed my hair in days, looking so homely, and still smile and call me “Gorgeous!”

Where there is bad, there is good! Where there is annoyance, there is happiness. I know my husband isn’t the only man out there standing in the middle of a room he just made dirty, after I cleaned, holding my favorite flowers, saying “I love you, Gorgeous!”

So, he’ll continue to drive me crazy, and I’ll continue to complain. But, there in the middle of all that, we will thrive on the sweet moments that mean more! Because:

“It won’t always be easy, but it’ll always be worth it!”

With Love and Coffee, Becca Ann

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