Why I Thought I Could Change My Name: Sour-Patch Kid Wins Again!


Meet Jacob, whom I like to refer to as My Sour-Patch Kid!


I thought I could change my name, and here’s why…

Have you ever seen that video meme of Stewy from Family Guy: Mom, Mum…Mommy…. That’s how some days in my home feel! Do you ever have the thought WHY? Like in Mean Girls:

“Why are you so obsessed with me?”


Now hold on, before I go further… Yes! I know I’ll miss this stage and want them little longer, and so on… But, if that didn’t make you giggle a  little this Blog probably isn’t for you!!

But, for the rest of us wondering if we could just change our names, just for the day. Would it help? Well, I am here to tell you, IT WONT WORK!!

Now, I love my children. It’s just that sometimes, some days, I’d also Love to not have my name called 7,562 times…all before lunch. My three year old (also known as the Sour-Patch kid) will literally call my name , without taking a single breath until I am looking him dead in the face. To only ever have a tragic sock situation, or his movie might have stopped playing, or god forbid it’s been 10 min without juice.

What I am most certain the yelling really translated to is: “Come! Sit, in my site servant, and do as I command, because I trust no one else with my sock falling off!”

I told my kids something the other day that truly blew their minds, I mean the look of confusion was real!! I told them…. “Your father actually does know how to get Juice!! And, there is more… He can get snacks too!! Sometimes when mommy is busy, you know just taking a shower, or going potty, (they still don’t understand why I’d want to do that alone) You are more than welcome to ask Dad… Actually, I encourage it!! Seriously, try it I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!!”  And the moment I was done talking, I mean the very second I was done, my son looked me dead in the face, and said:

“ Mom, can I have a snack?”  

 I love these kids, I really do!! More than anything in the world but, I could really use a whole day without hearing “Mom” …..and, here is where I made a giant mistake!


I tried a little experiment on my son. I told him I would no longer be responding to “mom” but, to call me Madam instead!

See, now in my head I thought he will never get this, he will forget, or something wonderful will happen and I won’t have to respond to every little thing today!! (We all have crazy dreams when we’re desperate) What really happened was nothing close! He felt that Madam was too hard to say, so he came up with his own little game…. Screaming “HEY” at the top of his lungs!! So, Clearly this isn’t an advice  Blog, as I am heading off to what I can assume is a gold fish crisis, after being summoned…

Don’t worry, we went back to Mom! But ,we also kept the Hey… And, it’s now in tones I’m sure even NASA is picking up!!

But, it’s fine… I’m fine..


So, I’ll continue to get the sock, make the juice, and fetch the snack, look at the tiny mark on his truck for the 12th time, and wait for bed time! When there is finally peace!

And, I’ll secretly enjoy every minute of it at the end of the day because, it really is true what they say “they won’t  be little forever.”

And, until they’re not little anymore…. I’ve got Wine!



With Love and Coffee, Becca Ann

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