10 THINGS: To Do This Weekend: With Your Kids, on a Budget!


So, if you’re anything like me you are always looking for ways to save money….without having to sacrifice Family Fun! I came up with 10 Fun Things to do with your Family that wont hurt the Bank.


1. Explore the library. 

When was the last time you took your kids to the library? Everything in the world it seems like is based on technology anymore. Check out some books, and Added Fun: If the weather is nice, go find a quite place outside to read. Spending quality time with your kids, reading, is some of the best memories you can create.


2.  Find a Tail & Go for a Hike, with Lunch. 

Pack an easy lunch, (sandwiches, chips, cookies, drinks) And look for Nature Walks/Trails in the Area. If you’re in Florida there are TONS everywhere. And, if not? Find a lake or nice pond, enjoy the outdoors for a few hours.


3. Make Homemade Pizza & Netflix Movie. 

Chances are, you already have Netflix. And, if not re-watch a movie you love. Make home-made pizza as a family. And, while the Pizza is in the oven, turn your living room into the most comfy movie theater you have ever seen, with all the pillows and blankets you can gather! (This is one of my Favorites! So Fun!)


4. Host a Baking Challenge.

Have a “Bake off” with your family. Let everyone bake their own favorite Cookie or Cupcake. Decorate, and Invite Grandparents, and Aunts and Uncles over to be the Judge.
Have a Fun Prize in place for the winner.
(Side Note: If your kids younger, have them just decorate cookies, or cupcakes. It’ll be just as much Fun!)


5.  Go Camping in the Back Yard. 

Pop a tent, build a fire, roast marshmallows, make S’mores and hot dogs.  Tell cool stories around the Fire, Make up Ghost stores…if you’re up for it, and look for your favorite stars.

6. Arts and Craft Day: 

Let your kids, make a cool picture to hang up in your home. Get creative, (lots of ideas on Pinterest) Get paint, markers, glue, anything you have around the house that could be fun! And, once it’s done (& dry) hang it up together as a Family.


7. Go for a Bike ride. 

But, make it fun. Have a challenge or make a game of it. (who ever see’s the most ______ wins…ect) Let your kids lead the way, (with in safe reason) Great exercise and tons of fun!


8. Game Night. 

Turn off the Xbox and Play station, and Get out those board games collecting dust in the closet. Make pop corn, and get your favorite candy! Have Fun!


9. Go on a Neighborhood Scavenger hunt.
  Make you’re own list, or look online for a easy printable.
It’s a good way to get outdoors, and explore the neighborhood,  maybe even make new friends as your learn more about your Neighborhood.

10.  Make Handmade Cards, and Mail them Out.

With the Holidays coming up this is a great time! Make cards for friends, and family, Teachers.. anyone. And Mail them out.Don’t forget to take a picture of the kids and their cards.


These are some of my Favorites! Have a Fun a make lots of Memories this weekend!



With, Love and Coffee, Becca!






5 thoughts on “10 THINGS: To Do This Weekend: With Your Kids, on a Budget!

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  1. This is a great list! I don’t know why I didn’t have the library on my list! This weekend we will do a neighborhood scavenger hunt! Thank you for the ideas!!!

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  2. 1,2,3, and 7 are regulars on our list of fun things to do with the kids that are easy on the budget. They have a great time doing them which makes it easy and fun. 4 and 6 I think will be a hit with our 2 kids especially as the weather gets cold here in IL and we end up staying off the trails for most of the winter. Thanks for sharing, we are always looking for fun activities for the kids that are easy on the budget.


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