I’m 30… that awkward age between young and old.

Walking around the mall confused; “what store I am supposed to go in?”
I mean am I Macy’s old? I’m definitely not 21… but, it does say FOREVER…

No one told me about 30. I was told you’re a kid….Then you’re old.
No one told me of that in between stage similar to that awkward middle school stage of life…
I am just as confused now as I was then.

I was not prepared to have to go through that awkward stage again…. I thought that was a one time deal. However, I have now learned it was all a lie….
My hair is changing..
It’s now thin and grey…and not like a little gray, I am talking a whole ton of grey! Bright Side: maybe I will be a Silver Fox one day… Not looking good though, I’ll be honest, maybe more like a silver sloth… is that a thing? Because to go with my changing hair, I am not sure where my metabolism is… It’s been gone for a while… Starting to think it dumped me like a bad boyfriend, and is never coming back….
Someone should really tell my body so it will stop the constant need for pizza and tacos.

It’s not all physical though, there are the social awkward moments..
Like at a big event, who do I sit with? Where do I go?
One group is on one side wearing funny clothes and vaping, and the other side are those Silver Foxes and their Clint Eastwood’s… Guess I will just hang out here by the punch bowl like that awkward kid at prom.

My back hurts, and I am not ready to get out of bed yet… well my body is not ready to get out of bed yet, when the alarm goes off in the morning. I now require more sleep to function than an infant. My head says I am too young to feel this old… But my body is steadily yelling “lay down grandma before you break something.” WHAT DO I DO?

It’s a weird place where you think you have enough energy to run around with your kids at the park all day sliding, climbing and keeping up with them…but the next day your reminded…. you are not!!

Also, caffeine is no longer a fun pick me up, it’s a survival tactic!


I promised to always be honest and always be the voice of truth..
So, here I am telling you that if you have not yet gone through it, buckle up butter cup its a long strange awkward ride though your thirties… and if you have been though it, then you know I speak nothing but the truth..


As always, with love and coffee,
Becca Ann


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  1. It is an interesting transition for sure and I don’t think it goes away as much as you just get used to it, accept it and start making your way. There are so many days that I am so thankful that I am not 20 something anymore! A word of advice – you are now too old to do a cartwheel. Just trust me on this! 🙂


  2. This is pure GOLD. I’m so with you, I’d also like to know, exactly, when did this happen? I was like kickin it with the cool kids maybe 2 years ago. Now I’m on a strict 9:30 bedtime. Wtf happened?!


  3. I feel ya! I used to get up no problem now I hit snooze at least 4 times in the morning and do a shuffle to get to the bathroom before my hips and knees are ready to work right. Coffee is a must and cannot be skipped! Ugh lol


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