Everyone is sharing their looking back challenge, and it got me thinking…
If I could talk to my teenage self, what would I say?


Well, the first thing I would want to tell myself is to SLOW DOWN!
Stop trying to grow up. Stop wanting to be “there” …to be an adult. To have all things you THINK being an adult will include.
Slow down, and enjoy this. Enjoy the moment, enjoy your youth.
You have the rest of your life to worry about being an adult; and spoiler alert…
It’s not all it’s cracked up to be! It’s stressful, you have bills, and one day you’ll have to actually worry about other people more than yourself.

Spend more time with the friends that are there. The ones who prove to be loyal friends. Those “fun” friends… will one day be gone as fast as the boy they kissed at that party!

Buy the bikini. One day you will wish you where as fat as you think you are right now….

Go to dinner with your momma! I know there are so many other things that sound more fun, but one day she’ll be gone…. and you will regret every dinner date you blew off for a person you now just wave at in the store.

Listen to the adults in your life when they give advice. Sure, you think they’re old, and don’t remember what it’s like being young…. But actually they do! They remember every detail, and THAT is where their advice is coming from…. So take it!

Pay attention in school… You’re smart actually. Trying to play catch up later because you want to be Social Sharon, you’re going to regret that for a long time.

Most importantly, I AM Proud of you!
For not sleeping with that boy… no matter how hot he is. For not doing that line in the bathroom when she said it wasn’t a big deal. For taking care of that girl when no one else would have, for ending friendships that do nothing for you. For being strong-willed, and not doing things because it’s cool or everyone else is,  and for standing up for that girl with down syndrome in the hallway after school.
(Don’t worry, that girl grows up to be fat, and in fact not the trophy wife she thought she was destined for!)

One day, none of this will matter.  You will meet a man who challenges you, and makes you better, you will have a beautiful family. All this will simply become memories…
Live for your future….It’s pretty great here!


With love and coffee,
Becca Ann


Add yours

  1. Oh, I so love this! Great post. I think I will do the same and write a letter to my younger self and save it for my daughter to read one day. Have a great weekend

    Belinda Merrin



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