SURVIVING THE CHAOS…It’s Not What You Think!

I started this idea out with the great intentions of writing some helpful tips… how I get through my day, and I realized…

What am I talking about?


I barely survive my day…. What am I going to tell you?
Stay calm… Nope, I don’t do that!
Have patience…. when did I get that?
They’re only little once?…. Okay but do they have to be such assholes during the process?

I survive my days… One cup of coffee at a time… and even then, some days,  I am only there until it’s an acceptable time for wine.

I don’t have any good advice…I mean let’s be honest, I’m still looking for some myself.

Just yesterday, my son broke a whole carton of eggs in his room…on the carpet.
Yes! You read that right, again!
This is not even the 4th time it’s happened.

I know all you moms of the year are freaking out right now…..lock it, gate it….ect…


I have done what feels like it all.
He is a master of destruction, and there is nothing that he can’t get into ….or out of for that matter.
You know how I survived that…. Just barely, that’s how.
There was some yelling, a few bad words, and another cup of coffee.

I have zero idea how to survive a day of chaos but,  somehow I just do.
Isn’t that what we are all doing though? Just going though motherhood one day at a time, not sure how we made it though the day before sometimes?

We are Badass Mommas that how!

We are cooks, maids, therapists, chauffeurs, and EVERYTHING else in between.
We get though everyday, and are ready for the next!
Surviving chaos is in our DNA!

Remember that next time your kid makes you wonder if you have reached that statute of limitations to take them to the fire station.
Remember that you’re doing a great job!
Remember that you are the
Chaos Coordinator!

…..And, you got this Momma!

With love and coffee,
Becca Ann


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