Listen men, I’m gonna help you out this year so that you’re not at the store the night before Valentines day with every other man who waited until last-minute picking out a card and flowers…

I know, I know…. you think Valentines day is an over rated “hallmark holiday” But doesn’t the woman you love, the woman who takes care of you and your family deserve a day to be doted on, to feel spoiled, to feel appreciated?

The answer is YES! Yes she does…

I’m gonna give you some insight on what she really wants for Valentines day….
Just pick one….any one, and I can guarantee you’ll have a great Valentines day too.


1. Plan a spa day…. I don’t mean go buy a gift card. PLAN a day, have her set up with a day, and time… have things all set up, including child care.

2. Make her a glass of wine, and give her a massage…. not the kind where you rub her back for 5 min then ends up with you picking out baby names 9 months later. You know, like a real massage. You guys can do it…. I believe in you.

3. Plan a girls trip… Get her friends in on it, make the plans…. dates, hotel, friends…the whole 9 yards.
Trust me, as much as she loves you and your kids, she wants a girls weekend!

4. Let her sleep in, make breakfast, and bring it to her in bed.  Don’t you dare bring her a bagel and glass of orange juice.
Also, you’re gonna need to wash the dishes after. (I know, I’m asking a lot now)

5.  Take her to a movie of HER choice… no suggestions, just go with it. Let her get her favorite candy, buy the big popcorn, and don’t say a single thing about her choice other than
“that was a good movie babe”

6.  Pre-plan a whole date…  not the whole where do you wanna go game,
PLAN it! Get child care taken care of, make reservations, go get her a new outfit and just tell her when to be ready!

7. You know that thing she has been talking about for months, that she won’t buy for herself…. that bag, or necklace, or maybe even a household item.
Whatever it is that you keep hearing about you know she wants but refuses to splurge on for herself….

8.  Give her some money, and tell her you’re gonna keep the kids home, while she goes on a retail therapy mental heath day… with strict instructions to only buy HERSELF stuff.

9.  Clean the house, and take the kids out for the day…. Give her some alone and quiet time, without feeling like she needs to get things done, let her read a book or watch her favorite show…. in just silence.
Yes, she loves you guys…. but she wants a real break!

10.  Now this I know will surely take you out of your comfort zone…
Be romantic…. Write a letter, create a whole room with flowers, and candles, her favorite take out..

I have just given you the Holy Grail of Valentines Day ideas for women..

Now go out and shock your special lady this year…..


With love and coffee,
Becca Ann.


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