According to society I am probably not any thing close to a “good stay at home mom”
Here is the truth…the ugly, raw truth. The truth no one wants to talk about….

Let’s start here; If you really do keep all the things together, everyday, and you really do bake cookies with your hair perfect, and make up on daily….

Good for you Sharron, I want to be you. However, the honest truth is that I am just not….and to be honest I think that many of us are just not.


Iphone One 075


Confession One: 

I more often than I would like to admit don’t have laundry caught up… I mean in my deference they’re 5 of us. I more than I would like to admit, have to go grab clean underwear out of the dryer as opposed to my drawers. But it is clean, so basically I am not doing too bad…at least that’s what I tell myself.

Confession Two: 

I brush my hair once a week…maybe two if I am going somewhere. Seriously, I have three tiny humans that depend on me for survival, not my hair to be done. Don’t worry I do at least brush it when I leave my house. If I find time for a shower, to just wash it, I am happy with that. I don’t try to get greedy with too much self-care at one time.

Confession Three: 

I am more than content with living in leggings…. Leggings are the uniform of my people.
If I can’t wear legging’s I’m going to need a good running list of why I need to go. Kinda not even kidding.

Confession Four: 

Am I supposed to cook a well balanced meal every night? I am not doing that either, most nights, yes I am actually pretty good about it, but sometimes it’s take out or a last-minute thrown together idea of a meal. Some days, really they should just be lucky they’re eating after the day they put me through.

Confession Five: 

These kids are hard!! I mean seriously, they are. I love them every single day, but some days…I just don’t like them. Keeping them alive is harder than you would actually think. The days my middle son has broken a carton of eggs in my carpet, those days are especially hard. (This has happen more than once as well) Keeping your sanity is harder than you think it is as a mom. Sure, they’re sweet, and cute. They are also the devil in tiny form on some days, or in my case most days.



Honestly, I really could go on, and on with the things I am “failing” at. I could tell you stories that you would probably make you feel like you’re mom of the year when you’re done reading. However, I could also tell you stories about the days I am super mom, and do all the things… but, the truth is that I am not that mom everyday. I am not that wife everyday.

Are any of us THAT mom/wife everyday?

What I have learned lately, is that it’s OKAY…. as we where all sitting around the table last night, eating a meal I had thrown together, at some point we had all stopped eating , and where singing baby shark with the toddlers. You know what… in that moment I realized they won’t remember what we are eating,  if the floor was dirty, that the laundry was not done, if there was dishes in the sick, or what I looked like that day.

They WILL remember the love around that dinner table, the fun we had as a family in such a simple way, singing baby shark.

That IS what makes me a good mom…

Sure, maybe I am not killing this SAHM thing everyday, and sure I make many mistakes, and slack on what I THINK is important, but what I AM doing… Is taking care of my family, loving them unconditionally, and making memories that they will always remember..

Iphone One 189

Being a mom is tough whether you are staying home, working, or a single Momma.

Don’t be so hard on yourself for what you think you’re not doing, and be proud of yourself for what you ARE doing!

Keeping little humans alive is tough. Period.



With love and coffee,
Becca Ann


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  1. Most of us SAHM are way more like you than Sharon. At the end of the day, we love our kids and kept them alive. That’s most important!


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