All the things I never say…

I know you where upset today, I know I hurt your feelings today..
It was not  (and never will be) my intention. Sometimes, when you’re so excited about that thing you cant wait to show me, I care, I do, but it’s hard to focus, and sometimes I’m stressed and worried about things you don’t understand….nor should you. You’re a kid, and you should not have to give that up yet. It wasn’t you… It was me. What you where showing me it did matter, it was important…because it was important to you..I failed you there, and I am sorry. Please know  that I thought about it later, and I know it was a mistake. I will work harder next time.

Iphone One 002  Iphone One 075  Iphone One 318

I know you really wanted that toy I had to say no to….
Please, know that it wasn’t because I didn’t want you to have it.. I wanted you to, as much as you wanted it. I never wanna say no, yeah I know it’s good for you to not always get things you want, but know that I would still do it, if I could. I opted for that smaller truck, because it was cheaper, because sometimes, I have to make that choice.

    Iphone One 036

I know you think I don’t care about you hitting the next level of your game…
Mostly, I just don’t understand it…you big dork…. I know you love it, I know it made you happy to win that level. I am sorry I didn’t show you the same excitement I want when I accomplish something I have been trying hard on. You should have received that!

Iphone One 189  Iphone 3 072

I am proud of you… I know I say it, and I know you hear it.
But, do you really believe it? Do I make you believe it? Because I am, I am so proud of every little step you make in the right direction. I am proud of who you are, who you are becoming, I proud of every single positive thing you have done your entire life, from learning to walk to reaching that big goal.
cropped-thumbnail31.jpg cam  Iphone 3 029

One day, you’re going to be a parent yourself…and this will all makes sense. You are growing up to be such an incredible person that I know all your dreams will come true.

I love you, and you are enough… for me, and for the world.




With love and coffee,
Becca Ann


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