I have seen about a million and one “how to be a better mom” books, articles, and even blogs… But, you know what none of them ever state? That taking care of yourself really needs to be a top priority..

Your car doesn’t run on empty so why do we expect mothers to?

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of taking care of our children. We always want to put them first, and to be honest we absolutely should. With that said, we have to make a point to take time for ourselves. …Even if that means that we tell our husbands, they’re yours, and go walk around target. I mean, I do that Often. I tell people all the time that Target is my therapist. ((It’s probably just as expensive sometimes let’s be honest. )) I like to go at night, as soon as I get the kids laid down, I still feel like im not missing much, but I get to get me time.

Another thing we should do as moms, is every once in a while…splurge on something we want.

Not something for our kids, or our husbands, or even for the house. Just something that we  just want for US! To be frank, we just deserve it! I was recently given the opportunity to get a watch I have been DYING to get, and for a moment I felt guilty.. I felt like I didn’t deserve it if the kids where not getting something…if it wasn’t for everyone. It really took my husband telling me to stop, and that I do deserve things too, for me to step back, and realize I did.

That moment is what got me thinking… Why, do we do this to ourselves as moms.
We quite literally have the hardest job ever! We are raising tiny humans. We deserve to take time for ourselves, for our wants, and needs. To be perfectly honest, if we are not talking care of ourselves, whether that is physical or emotional, how are we going to be our best selves, to be the best mom we can be?

I have personally started putting my health both mental, and physical on the fore front, and that honestly is something I have never done.

Since we have been eating better, (mostly organic, lots of fresh veggies) and I began my (plant based) supplements. I can honestly say, that I am a better mom, and version of myself, that I have been in a long time. My kids dereve a good mom, a happy mom, and a healthy mom.

We all as moms, as people, have different struggles that we personally deal with.

I am here to tell you whatever they are….Take care of them, take time to take care of yourself.

We can’t give ourselves less than half, and be able to give our kids all. We simply just don’t have all to give them when we are neglecting ourselves.

Whatever it is that you have been thinking about this whole blog, that thing you’re missing… That you need, or just want.

Do it! Buy it! Change it!

Start making yourself a proity mamma, because you do deserve it!


With love and coffee,
Becca Ann


–>Want a chance to win a JORD watch like I have been drooling over?



Good Luck, Mamma! You deserve it!


Add yours

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