Belive it or not, I actually have been asked this a few times..

” why don’t you write an advice piece some times?”

First off, do I really strike you as some one who SHOULD be giving advice…But, that answer is actually really simple..

I am not in the business of giving advise, because to be real with you, I have zero Idea what I am doing…. Why in the world would I try to tell anyone anything…lol

I am here to be a different voice, to remind other mommas they’re not alone in this motherhood journey. I often refer to it as pure chaos.

For example; my son in his four short years of life…has broken a window, ruined an entire floor of carpets, and has cost at least 5k in food loss, from just making messes. Ryleigh, has single handedly ruined at least a couple hundred dollars of make up, and she isn’t even two yet so…

I mean now that I write it out, I guess I could do a “what not to do blog post ” because, I am thinking my parenting isn’t working…

My oldest was a trick, he’s my good one, he didn’t do half of what my two toddlers get into, and I was not even a little prepared for this level of chaos. That ones attitude though… all me.

This is why it is absurd, that I would write an advice blog… however, more than that, I will never be an advice blog because, well… to be frank…

NO ONE should be telling you how to parent, what you should be doing, how you should be doing it , what to feed your kids…etc.

The only advice you’ll ever see me give…

To never take anyones advice..

What is best for someone elses family, or another kid, maybe isn’t right for you, your family, and your children.

Take all that advice with a grain of salt, and you do you Mamma!

Only you can know whats best for you..

I will never be the “I know all” voice, or the “you should do this.” I will always be the look Lisa, you are not alone… My kids are bad as hell too! I will have plenty of life stories of these kids, some humor, some tears, and maybe even a little insight to our life choices….but never advice!

I am so great full, you all are on this jounrey with me. If I have said it once, I have said it a dozen times…if you have it all together, this isn’t a blog for you… If you’re looking for advice this isn’t a good fit… but if you’re trying to survive this motherhood thing… You, Mammas are my people!


With love and coffee,
Becca Ann




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  1. THANK YOU!! Say it again for the people in the back!! This blog post was so needed in the swarm of sancti-mommy voices!


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